Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Addict Behavior Me On Drugs Vs Me Clean

By Sarahjoy, September 27, 2006 

My Abilities And Skills As A Drug User:

  • All you wanna' do is score more (my drug of choice was meth)
  • Your emotion options are: you are either 'high' or angry, cuz you're not
  • Nothing matters
  • You hear ghosts & voices coming from places where you know they shouldn't be
  • You can drive around for hours because you are lost because you are outta' it (inside your own neighborhood, nonetheless)
  • You have trashed every relationship with family and friends
  • Your skin is yellow, you don't eat and you are always sick
  • Your teeth and gums are starting to hurt because the junk that makes up meth is rotting them away.
  • Too many to list ~ and ~ some, I'd be ashamed to list

My Skills And Abilities Today:

  • I am working on 2 years clean
  • Am running a hunter-jumper barn
  • This weekend I am hauling 6 horses in my 3/4 ton Dodge and I will be both competing and working with clients who will be competing.
  • You need to know this is a miracle.
  • A common theme for users is 'drugs = prison, institutions ..... or death,' but somehow, with my Higher Power's help, I am competing on my mare, Perfect C, and professionally representing my sport.

How hot is that!
By Sarahjoy

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