Monday, April 22, 2013

This Is So Hard To Write, Courage . . . And Another Friend Types

My friend Alex Suchey is the oldest son of my abusive husband's
best friend. The Dad, Michael Suchey, died this last year, a great loss
to family and community.
Alex Suchey And My Typed Messages:

Patricia Loya:  Prayers to women experiencing spouse abuse and especially for the ones seeking and contemplating leaving the unsafe, controlling relationship. 

Alex Suchey:  Speaking up is so difficult. I know witnessing this first hand with someone very close to me in my life struggling with the same issues. Thank you so much for doing this. You're going to help a lot of women.

Patricia Loya:  It is hard. You are the proud, accomplished son of my abusive spouse's best friend - RIP your Father, Michael Suchey. Certainly your Dad was unaware. My only child, my adult daughter is also a friend of yours and of your family. She has strong feelings, emotions and memories. BUT its too significant - I'm writing to share my story with hopes it will help other women. It's painful to write it, to re-live it, to bring harshly things that were left in the dark, into an ugly light.

Alex Suchey: God uses us I believe more and more from the trials we've been through. I see this in you and in my friend. I know so much healing is still in front of you and her and your daughter, but I also know our ultimate healer will bless you guys for what you share and who you help along the way as a result.

Patricia Loya: Thank you.

Alex Suchey:  This needs to be read by men and women who aren't even in these relationships to understand what their friends are afraid of day by day that is quite likely hiding in the shadows in many homes unrealized.

Patricia Loya:  OMG, yes. There is much misunderstanding as to why abused women don't leave. And why we don't talk about it.

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