Thursday, July 18, 2013

Card Carrying Member

Written by Sarahjoy, January 2005

If they had a card, I'd carry it. In fact, I'd probably laminate it. I'm not embarrassed. Hey, peeps, look, at my card! I am a member of 'NA' ~ also known as Narcotics Anonymous.

Obviously, I'd prefer that I never visited this dark side of society, But I did.

Since I became a 'clean addict,' I am proud of the positive changes in my life. My 'drug of choice' was methamphetamine, 'meth'. Unlike most peeps, I didn't like the feeling when I tried meth. Regardless I was addicted from the first use.

Technically, meth floods a users' brain with dopamine (pleasurable sensation that leaves you brimming with energy). Over time, it takes its toll - - triggering anxiety, breeding paranoia and causing weight loss, tooth grinding and tooth decay.

Highly addictive, easy to get your hands on and relatively cheap, meth use typically ends in prison, institutions or death (truth, baby). For whatever reasons (I may write more on this over time), I was very very very lucky.

By Sarahjoy January 2005

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