Friday, January 15, 2010

Kurt Cobain - Suicide Or Murder

My friend, artist, drummer and lover of all things Rock And Roll, Karen McClain, shared about Kurt Cobain's death.

5th April 1994, Kurt Cobain committed suicide
by shooting himself in the head at his home in Seattle.

"We ALL remember this day here in Seattle.
What a horrible shame.
We all know the real story ...

I responded, "I remember this day, when Kurt Cobain died, 1994. We were living in So. Cal. I wasn't alive for Pearl Harbor and WWII, but I remember the day JFK was shot, 1963. His brother. 1968; Landing On The Moon, 1969; John Lennon, 1980, Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, 1986, Twin Towers, 2001."

"Same exact list for me. Add Elvis,"
Karen responded.

I wrote: "Yeah, I knew when I went to bed I forgot Elvis. So, here it is, Elvis Presley, 1977."

Suicide or murder. Twenty years after his death, it is still being debated. A lot of people knew about Kurt Cobain.

My own Daddy's death was concluded a suicide, but some 15 years later, I don't know.

As I write in my Book Introduction,

"And, the writing a book starts. A handsome, highly intelligent
and sophisticated attorney I dated, upon being told about my Daddy's suicide
and more specifically about the death scene surrounding it,
told me I should write a book."

(to be continued).

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