Monday, February 15, 2010

Calling My Aunt Jinny This Moring

I wanted to call my Aunt this morning, I wanted to feel family, someone who knew my Mother and Father, me, who knew me and my life.

My Aunt Jinny was a prayer worrier. When times were difficult for me and she was afraid for me, both she and her womens group prayed for me. She held me tight even when she didn't know where I was.

But almost a year ago, my Aunt Jinny succumbed to illness. She never surrendered her spirit, though, I know this. I know really that she's dancing in heaven now, in her new, heavenly body.

Almost a year ago, I was in Illinois, sitting in the kitchen with Beth, my cousin, my Aunt's only daughter. We were drinking coffee and numb. It was in between visits to the hospital. This woman, my closest cousin, Beth, said, with a large heart and large eyes, "I know she's ready. But I'm not ready."

I so understood.

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